UK Property Market Insight 2019 Outlook

As we fast approach the UK’s deadline to leave the EU, the focus has shifted to the UK real estate market and how it will react if/when Brexit becomes a reality.

It is widely believed that returns on capital values will fall in 2019, but to what extent is currently unknown. As a result of this speculation, investors are divided, many are positioning themselves in anticipation of the opportunities created from any disruption ahead, whilst some are opting to avoid the market.

The latest consensus forecast published by the investment property shows that most investors believe the industrial property sector will thrive as a result of Brexit uncertainty with capital values expected to increase by an additional 2.7%.

When it comes to property values leading experts have concluded that the price of properties and land are likely to fall, however, the rental market is expected to remain untouched. This creates a unique opportunity for buy to let investors who position themselves to dive into the market after any disruption caused.

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